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Product Introduction: HS-360X and MicroHAWK ID-45

On Demand Webinar: 

Introducing "Ultra Rugged" HS-360X and MicroHAWK ID-45  



During this webinar, our Auto ID expert introduces two brand new barcode readers: The HS-360X and the MicroHAWK ID-45. 

Topics covered: 

  • Product Overview
  • Performance details 
  • Application scenarios 
  • Camera software and accessories 
  • Q&A 

Introducing HS-360X and MicroHAWK ID-45

Presented February 22, 2018
This webinar covers the features of HS-360X and MicroHAWK ID-45, Omron Microscan's brand new high performance barcode scanner and barcode reader.


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