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Print Quality Inspection Systems

Print Quality Inspection Systems

LVS-7000 Print Quality Inspection System

LVS-7000 Print Quality Inspection System

  • Autoscan
  • Roll mapping
  • 100% inspection
  • ISO verification module
  • Master to label comparison
  • Sequential/ random validation
  • Delta E color process control

LVS-7000 Inspection System

An In-line Process Control System that Improves the Quality Inspection Process 

The LVS-7000 is the only vision system on the market capable of blemish/defect detection, plus variable data, barcode reading and ISO grading capabilities.

The LVS-7000 is a vision-based system designed to inspect print quality at line speeds for the following areas:

  • Barcode Grade (Barcode Verification to ISO/IEC Standards) of 1D and 2D Codes
  • Barcode Read (Barcode Validation) of 1D and 2D Codes
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Optical Character Verification (OCV)
  • Master to Label Comparison (Blemish Detection)
  • Barcode Health Check
  • Delta E

The LVS-7000 is a modular system, which means that you can check the print quality for any of these areas, or for all of the areas simultaneously depending on which software modules are purchased.

Inspect and map any number of fields at any size repeat, in any orientation across the form or print web:

  • Identify Blemishes
  • DELTA E Color Process Control
  • Check for Duplicates
  • Sequential/Random Validation
  • ISO Read and Grade 1D and 2D Barcodes Including QR Code, ECC-200 Data Matrix, Composite Code and Many More
  • OCR and OCV
  • Holograms/Reflective/Security Marks
  • Roll Mapping
Note: Rate of travel, web width and minimum bar width or smallest point sizes will impact camera resolution recommendation
Camera Types Line scan and area scan options
Camera Resolution 2K, 4K, 8K and 12K
Lighting Options Red, white and custom diffused options for foil and holograms
PC Hardware Multi-core Processor, Windows® XP and 7 operating system
Cabinetry/Mounting Options • Choose either Hoffman Cabinet or Ergotron Arms, actual system footprint will vary based on camera/PC and lighting requirements
• Mounts on a press, slitter/rewinder, folder gluer, conveyor, and most other inspection platforms
I/O 8 digital outputs for programmable alarm and trigger requirements
Electrical 110VAC @ 60 Hz or 240VAC @ 50Hz
ISO Grading Specifications ISO 15416, ISO 15415, GS1 and other application standards
Quality Control Manager Remotely review errors, accept and reject errors prior to finishing. Customer to provide own PC running Windows® XP or 7 operating system
Software Specifications • Graphics-oriented user interface under Windows® XP and 7 operating system
• Multiple password protection security levels
• 21 CFR Part 11 compliant ready with on board record keeping and job tracking
• Automatic Setup feature for click and go changeovers
• Reporting, logs and summary reports for Quality Assurance managers stored as CSV files for portability
• Information is date and time stamped

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LVS-7000 Print Quality Inspection System
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LVS-7000 Print Quality Inspection System