Industrial Automation


Print Quality Inspection Systems


Ensure 100% label quality in real time with Omron Microscan’s LVS® Print Quality Inspection Systems. Our in-line ISO verification solutions help manufacturers catch defective labels immediately and maintain print quality standards throughout the printing process. Advanced software ensures not only print quality (blemish detection, OCR, OCV, etc.) but also verification of 1D/2D barcodes and direct part marks (DPM) to ISO/IEC standards.

Systems range from modular configurations to complete custom-built solutions. These systems are uniquely configured to be integrated directly at the point of printing, whether using the LVS-7000/7300 mounted on a printing press or the LVS-7500/7510 integrated into a thermal printer. 

  • Automatically inspects both barcode quality and label content including OCR and OCV
  • Compares every label to a master image to detect variances, including color parameters
  • Integrates directly with the most popular thermal transfer label printers including Zebra® and Printronix®
  • Intuitive defect analysis that quickly, accurately and reliably pinpoints label print quality problems
  • Multiple security levels for managing user permissions
  • Data integration with Label Management Software


LVS® 7500 Print Quality Inspection System

For quality and process engineers, the LVS-7500 is a flexible solution among all retro-fit label inspection and barcode verification systems because it can be integrated onto any thermal transfer printer (Zebra, Printronix, etc.).

LVS® 7510 Print Quality Inspection System

Ensure that 100% of labels are compliant with regulations and quality requirements at the point of label production, avoiding costly downstream errors. The LVS-7510 provides print quality inspection and barcode verification, with integration into popular industrial thermal transfer printers.