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Microscan doesn’t usually brag, but when it comes to MicroHAWK Barcode Readers and Machine Vision Systems, we roll deep.


MicroHAWK represents the next generation of industrial imaging devices – the world’s smallest and most powerful industrial smart cameras, and the only platform that can perform auto ID, machine vision, and barcode verification tasks without switching devices.

 There are four key differentiators that make MicroHAWK the best platform on the market: 

  • Size: MicroHAWK is incredibly small;
  • Power: MicroHAWK is incredibly powerful;
  • Ease of Use: MicroHAWK is incredibly intuitive;
  • Flexibility: MicroHAWK is incredibly agile.

Let’s take a moment to review each of these key differentiators.

Incredibly Small

The MicroHAWK Engine, built around an ultra-fast microprocessor, is the smallest, highest performing engine on the market. The engine is intended to be used in robotic equipment and for mounting in the smallest spaces, making it ideal for embedded applications in OEM for factory automation and clinical instrumentation.

Incredibly Intuitive

No software installation required! MicroHAWK uses world’s first browser-based user interface that is easy to set up without having to install software. With its simple and intuitive setup, users can adjust reader controls remotely and monitor decoding results in real time.


Incredibly Powerful

MicroHAWK allows the reading and inspection of multiple static or moving codes at any speed. With MicroHAWK you can now easily read and inspect very small 1D or 2D symbols right out of the box, and do it twice as fast. X-Mode 4.0 decode algorithms enables superior decoding accuracy and performance.


Incredibly Agile

MicroHAWK offers solutions for any application by allowing you to set configurations based on your automation needs. You can configure speed, focus, optical flexibility, and modularity of the system to design your own custom solution for your automation needs.


To learn more about the features and capabilities of MicroHAWK Barcode Readers and Smart Cameras, watch our latest On-Demand Webinar here.


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