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Are you thinking about adding barcodes to your products and processes? Are you getting questions about monitoring barcode quality or verifying to barcode standards but aren’t sure where to begin? We’ve created an e-book – Barcode Quality 101 – to help you get started.

In just a few slides, this e-book will teach you the following barcode quality fundamentals and more:

Why do good codes go bad?

Two common causes of poor barcode quality are legibility problems and incorrectly encoded data. Barcode legibility can be impaired by poor printing quality, failure to observe height and margin requirements, contrast problems, or damaged labels. Barcode illegibility can also be caused by something as simple as incorrect data entry.

Pallet label issues

How common are barcode problems?

Barcode problems are more common than you may think. Up to 30% of pallets checked in a GS1 study found issues with barcode and label quality. You've probably also heard about the fines that are being issued for non-compliance with standards and regulations.

How can you conquer these issues?

  • Perform a read test by scanning the code with a laser barcode scanner or 2D barcode reader.
  • Monitor barcode quality with a machine vision solution using smart cameras and software.
  • Verify the code by measuring it against industry standards using a barcode verification solution.

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