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Visionscape® Machine Vision Software provides all the elements required to get your machine vision application up and running efficiently. This comprehensive, single-software package is built for multi-platform use, allowing application developers to choose the platform that is most appropriate for their GigE or smart camera application and develop programs in one consistent software environment. The toolkit is so extensive that developers can test and install applications that range from simple to highly sophisticated.


Are you an application developer looking to create a clean and simple user interface for your factory floor? Look no further, Visionscape .NET Controls are here to help.

Visionscape .NET Controls are some of the most powerful tools in the Visionscape toolkit. Applications such as FrontRunner and AppRunner which may be familiar to you are built using the same controls. These tools allow developers to create custom user interfaces which interact directly with Visionscape. When FrontRunner and AppRunner are unable to help you push through the last 10% of a job, Visionscape .NET controls give solution engineers an invaluable capability to finish and complete their smart camera or GigE solution.

Here are two key benefits of Visionscape .NET Controls for your application development

Custom User Interfaces

  • Simple is king on factory floor and with these controls a clean and simple user interface can be created with a couple of buttons, an image, and a little bit of data
  • The interface can be tailored to a language which is specific to the application the user is running
  • Rather than creating job through FrontRunner, the user has the option to have the jobs created programmatically
  • Restricted access to only key parameters
  • Password protection

Integrate Vision Directly with Automation

  • .Net controls can be combined with motion systems, robots and processes to create one powerful user interface – increasing the overall value of the entire automation program.
  • Tightly Coupled Vision Results
  • Interactive Calibration
  • Post Processing
  • Access to all Microsoft .NET Capability

Learn how to build a Load and Run Example Application as well as how to Monitor Multiple Cameras in Run Mode with Visionscape .NET Controls in our webinar from one of the most experienced solution engineers in the industry - Steve King, Machine Vision Product Manager at Microscan.

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