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Product recalls are a terrible position for any company to be in. Recalls not only affect profits, but also damage a brand’s reputation for months or years depending on the severity of the recall. A product recall in the pharmaceutical industry can be especially disastrous, particularly if the recall involves sterile products, medications, or other items that could directly harm the consumer.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are constantly faced with the cost of product recalls. In 2017, 18.1% of the top pharmaceutical recalls were caused by mislabeling issues. Labeling problems can be caused by:

Understanding the primary reasons for failures can save operations valuable time and effort when diagnosing issues. It also allows businesses to safeguard their processes and profitability by equipping their operations with optimal tools and conditions for preventing data loss and process failures down the line. “Costs of a single non-routine quality event, like a major recall, have been as high as $600 million in medical device companies,” according to the McKinsey Report.

Label verification systems are the best way to resolve and prevent these labeling and printing issues from occurring in the first place. Label verification systems and print quality inspection systems verify label data structure offline after barcode creation, offline after the final artwork has been created, and inline after printing or applying the code to a product.

To learn more about how label verification reduces pharmaceutical recall costs, read our latest white paper.

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