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On Monday, July 10, 2017, Microscan launched our new Professional Services Programs, offering items such as priority support, new extended warranty programs, and engineering and training from our barcode and machine vision experts.  But what does this mean? This blog will cover all the exciting new options available to you, how you can take advantage of these new services and programs, and how these services help protect your investment in barcode , machine vision and verification technologies.


New Service Offerings

We’re here to help! Microscan places top priority on customer service, especially since we understand the value that our products have in regards to your success, your customer's success and your businesses reputation. Microscan’s new Professional Services programs offer 5 new areas covering everything from training services to expert support with a guaranteed response time. These five areas are: Priority Support, Extended Warranty program, Field Service Program, Engineering Development Service, and Training Services. Here are brief descriptions of each program and service to help you get started.

Priority Support

Everyone would like to reduce risk and increase efficiency. With the new Priority Support program, Microscan works as your technical team, helping you with support, remote application setup, troubleshooting and mission critical application needs. 

Extended Warranty Program

Protect the investment you’ve just made with our Extended Warranty Program. Cars, homes, boats phones, and even your health, all have insurance policies available to protect you and your investments.  Treat the investment of your barcode reader, verifier, or machine vision smart camera the same way with extended 2-3 year product warranties.   Those who choose to purchase an extended warranty also benefit from faster turn-around times when submitting an RMA. 

Field Service Program

Hire the experts who know the technology better than anyone. Automation projects require careful planning to implement the right solution the first time. Our field service program brings our subject matter experts directly to you while your team maintains laser focus on what they do best. 

Engineering Development Service

Do you need a custom solution? Would you like an application created for you? Then our Engineering Development Serviceis for you. Our solutions development team can work with you on projects ranging from mass customization of an existing product, to a turn-key system that automates a traceability, inspection or verification application. 

Training Services

You now have the option of being trained by the best in the business.  Our Training Services are offered online, at your facility, or ours, and brings real-world application knowledge and expertise to you. Our trainings covers everything from barcode basics to more challenging machine vision inspection systems. We’re also happy to customize a training program for you. 

Who can benefit from Microscan Professional Services?

These services and programs benefit anyone looking to gain an edge in a very competitive market. Our programs can be customized for anyone from small manufacturing companies in middle-America to multinational organizations with locations across the globe. Not only are you growing your expertise in certain areas, you’re also protecting and increasing your return on investment.


More information about Microscan Professional Services can be found by visiting our website.



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