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Errors. Fines. Liability. These are all words that every business wants to avoid.  How can you ensure 100% label quality? How can you mitigate the risk of delays and fines for inaccurate labels and unreadable barcodes? With Microscan’s LVS-7510 Print Quality Inspection system.

What Are Print Quality Inspection Systems?

Print Quality Inspection Systems are in-line verification systems that integrate with printers to inspect barcode and label quality, helping ensure that ISO barcode quality standards are followed throughout the printing process. Microscan’s LVS® Print Quality Inspection Systems (PQIS) comply with ISO standards and help catch errors ensuring 100% label quality in real time.

Systems range from off-the-shelf, pre-engineered catalog items, to complete custom-built solutions. These systems are uniquely configured to be integrated directly at the point of printing, such as the LVS-7000/7300 mounted on a printing press or the LVS-7500/7510 integrated with a thermal printer.

Introducing the LVS-7510 Print Quality Inspection System

The LVS – 7510 inspection system is an in-line verification system that can be uniquely configured for integration directly at the point of printing within industrial thermal printers. The LVS-7510 provides print quality inspection and barcode verification for Common Direct Thermal Transfer Printers.



The LVS – 7510 PQIS supplements off-line verification and provides more detailed label inspection to a broad variety of application standards. LVS-7510 reads multiple 1D and 2D codes to determine if the code is “readable” and simultaneously grades the codes to ISO standards (ISO 15415 & 15416). Blemish detection, OCR, and OCV can be used to identify printing defects, missing text, missing or incorrect serial #’s, batch #s, expiration dates, etc.

Verify Print Quality In Real Time

The LVS- 7510 integrates with the most popular thermal transfer label printers to ensure label quality during the manufacturing process, to control waste and avoid re-work. When an error is detected, the system not only alerts, but also controls the printer to rewind and mark out any bad labels, ensuring perfect label quality every single time.

The Only All-In-One solution

Microscan is the only company to offer fully-integrated and real-time print and inspection solutions for thermal printed labels. Designed to integrate LVS machine vision components into the print head of popular thermal transfer printers, the LVs-7510 ensures label quality during the manufacturing process, controlling waste and avoiding re-work. When an error is detected, the system not only alerts the printer, but also controls the printer to rewind and mark any bad labels, thus ensuring 100% print quality every single time.

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