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To read codes barely visible to the naked eye, MicroHAWK barcode readers must find them first. How does it do this so quickly?

Imagine what a nuisance it would be if a barcode reader could only decode an image when it was placed exactly five inches from the lens and perfectly centered. Entire assembly lines would need to be built around this magic distance of five inches, costing factories exorbitant amounts of time and money to get things just right. Fortunately, that’s not how barcode readers like the MicroHAWK UHD work. Our readers are intelligent enough to optimize the exposure, alter the focal distance and ultimately locate barcodes on their own.

Since time is of the essence, MicroHAWK barcode readers must be able to capture the image of a barcode at a rapid-fire pace. A product component could be shooting past the lens at breakneck speed, giving the camera no more than a split second to identify its code. Thanks to TRUEAutofocus, MicroHAWK UHD barcode readers can read even the tiniest of barcodes right out of the box without any additional setup.

Omron Microscan has spent years developing the XMODE algorithm that is behind the actual locating and decoding of the symbol. It doesn’t stop there, however. We have added two new features that give our cameras the best in class out-of-the-box reading: True Autofocus and Auto-photometry. Working in tandem, True Autofocus (using data from the XMODE decoder) searches for the symbol to come into view while the Auto-photometry feature selects the optimum exposure and gain settings for the symbol to be decoded.

The True Autofocus capability is made possible thanks to the incorporation of an industry-leading liquid lens.

This unique innovation, which sits in front of the fixed lens, is made up of a soft lens (much like a contact lens ) with a special fluid that is positively charged on one side and negatively charged on the other side. When the fluid is charged, the lens will curve and move the focal distance in and out. It’s similar to the way the human eye focuses.

Unlike any other system in the field today, the combination of these features working together allows the MicroHAWK with True AutoFocus to latch onto fast-moving barcodes like a bird of prey effortlessly hooking its talons into a fish .

It’s survival of the fittest when it comes to industrial automation technology, and Omron Microscan’s smart cameras are designed to outperform the competition as the industry evolves.

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