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The MicroHAWK ID-40 is the smallest IP65/67 rated true industrial Ethernet barcode reader. A main benefit and feature of the ID-40 is its unprecedented ease-of-use- Installing and using MicroHAWK is as easy as plugging in power and opening a browser.  We’ve simplified the process even further by creating an easy to follow video that will guide you step by step in setting up your MicroHAWK ID-40.

In the video below, we walk you through the following 13 simple steps:

  1. Unboxing
  2. Check Hardware
  3. Connect the System
  4. Mount and position the reader
  5. Connect to WebLink
    a)  Static Connection
    b)  DHCP Network Connection
  6. Explore the Start View
  7. Create a New Setup or Load an Existing Setup
  8. Explore the Set-up View
  9. Configure Read Cycle Settings
  10. Configure Acquire Settings
  11. Configure Symbology Settings
  12. Format Output and Configure Match String
  13. Run the Application

Enjoy the full video here.

If you would like to download and read the Quick Start Guide, you may do so here.

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