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If you’re running a small or medium-sized business, ensuring 100% label inspection may seem overwhelming. However, it doesn’t always need to involve changing your entire label design and print operations.

This video shows you the necessary steps using the LVS-7510 Thermal Printer Label Inspection System from Microscan. The LVS-7510 provides both print quality inspection and barcode verification, integrated into popular industrial thermal transfer printers, such as Zebra xi4 and Printronix T8000 series printers.

Step 1: Design your label

Step 2: Use a handheld barcode verifier to check barcode quality and data structure to relevant application standards.

Step 3: Scan representative labels to import the label design into the LVS-7510.

Step 4:  Establish the label inspection criteria in the LVS-7510 software.

Step 5:  Push the label inspection template into production.

Step 6: Run a batch of labels and determine inspection results.

Step 7: Make adjustments to the label design, printing system or inspection criteria.

To recap, the benefits of implementing a barcode and print quality verification system in your operations :

  • Avoid becoming the news because of product recalls or claims
  • Ensure label and barcode legibility
  • Ensure compliance to industry standards
  • Deny any non-compliant labels entry to the supply chain

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