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Robert Andersson

Applications Engineer

Robert is a Machine Vision Applications Engineer at the Microscan EMEA office in The Netherlands. Robert is creating vision solutions for a diverse set of industries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, utilizing his experience from Machine Vision R&D in the Steel Industry. He earned his PhD degree in Physics from Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.

Recent posts by Robert Andersson

Step by Step: Writing Output from a Smart Camera or Barcode Reader Directly to an Excel Spreadsheet

We frequently get support questions about how to acquire and store data generated by our machine vision or Auto ID readers in various file formats. In this post I will demonstrate a way to integrate our Ethernet devices - such as the Vision HAWK and Vision MINI Xi Smart Cameras, and our QX Hawk and MINI Hawk Auto ID readers - and their output into an Excel sheet.

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Using Microscan Link to Trigger Data Transfer between Vision HAWK Smart Cameras

In this blog, I'd like to present a machine vision solution inspired by a real Microscan customer application using the latest connectivity feature in our machine vision portfolio: Microscan Link. Microscan Link, available in Microscan 's AutoVISION and Visionscape machine vision software, is a simplified connectivity tool. With all components of a vision system connected via Microscan Link, we can effectively create an inspection network that can be commanded remotely and can run autonomously using pre-programmed inspection parameters.

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