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Happy Birthday! The Barcode Turns 65!

October 2017 marked the 65th anniversary of the barcode! In October of 1952, the first barcode concept, inspired by Morse Code, was officially documented and patented. If you are just starting your journey in the barcode world, here are some basics of  barcode technology and its history.

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The Whats, The Whys and The Hows of Professional Service Offerings by Microscan

Many of our current customers tend to operate lean and are hyper focused on productivity, yield and quality.  In many cases, they may not have teams of people in place that are experts on things like barcode traceability, machine vision or barcode verification. This is where we can help. Microscan has dozens of customer-facing employees that have ten, fifteen, twenty, or more years of experience across different industries and applications.

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Thoughts From the AACC Tradeshow Floor

This year's AACC Clinical Lab Expo in San Diego, CA featured advances in diagnostic research and technology, drawing the largest audience in the events history! While there has been an enormous amount of superior groundbreaking research going on in various fields of clinical diagnostics, the overall industry is a technology-driven business. As we walked the floors of the exhibition, the realization of the importance of automation in diagnostic and clinical studies could hardly be overestimated. In the next few years, how laboratories and diagnostic companies operate will lead the future of industry changes, and Microscan is ready to meet those changes. 

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