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Kirsi Rolf

Marketing Manager, EMEA

Kirsi Rolf joined Microscan as Marketing Manager for Europe in September 2011. Since 2000, she has held various pan-European marketing communications positions in the IT and Auto ID industries. As a native Finn living in The Netherlands, Kirsi brings a unique set of skills to the team.

Recent posts by Kirsi Rolf

Compare your data to match string. How can that help with UDI and EU Medical Device Regulations Compliance?

FDA UDI implementation is upon us and also the new European Medical Device Regulations have taken concrete shape. Many medical device manufacturers and labelers are rushing to understand and meet the compliance timelines and requirements. One essential part needed for compliance is a verification solution that ensures symbol and mark integrity. How can you for example check data structure for your company-specific Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) in the GS1 General Specifications?

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7 Steps to 100% Print Quality Inspection

You know that ‘poor labels mean poor business’. But do you know the 7 easy steps to ensuring 100%  print quality inspection with Microscans LVS-7510 Thermal Printer Label Inspection System? To help visualize the actions you need to take, we’ve put together a three minute video that lists the 7 steps for implementing a print quality inspection solution at the point of label production.

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Is Your Label Production Operation Running Blind? In-Line vs. Off-Line Label Inspection and Verification

Is your print quality inspection or barcode verification system able to catch individual errors that may occur during production, such as misprints, printer maintenance problems or debris causing blemishes, or sequential data printing errors? In addition to fines or rejected shipments due to poor quality barcodes or incorrect labels, manufacturers have to take on the costs and other negative impacts resulting from process downtime, regulatory issues, and upset customers. Implementing both barcode and print quality verification systems in their operations will help manufacturers guarantee legibility and standards compliance, and keep any noncompliant labels out of the supply chain.

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