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Jonathan Ludlow

Machine Vision Promoter

Jonathan Ludlow is Machine Vision Promoter at Microscan’s Technology Center in Nashua, NH. He has been active in machine vision product development for many years, has authored papers on the application of machine vision in semiconductor packaging and electronic assembly, holds several patents relating to inspection systems and is a regular speaker at machine vision symposia.

Recent posts by Jonathan Ludlow

Eight Lucky Things to Know about Barcode Verification

Can these codes be read by your scanners or readers? Or by your customers'? Since barcode quality grading is becoming a hot topic - and believe me it is - here are eight things to remember when the topic turns to 1D or 2D code verification. 

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Is There a Secret Language?

What would you say if I told you that there is a language that is understood all over the world? What would you say it is? I have heard this question a few times in my life and depending on my mood I might suggest Latin, Esperanto, C++, or HTML.

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UDI Has Not Reached UID Proportions, But It Is Coming

The aim of the UDI program, (the proposed rules for which were published this July by the FDA), is to provide a permanent unique ID for each device. This ID could be used as an index into a database that will contain critical data for each device - no matter where the device has been or how it has otherwise been altered. 

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