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Barbie LaBine

Training Coordinator

A certified GS1 Standards Professional, Barbie LaBine has provided training on label verification to manufacturers worldwide for the past two years. Barbie comes to Microscan from barcode verification systems manufacturer Label Vision Systems, Inc., (acquired by Microscan in August 2015), and now offers a range of training on LVS® brand barcode verification and other Microscan technology.

Recent posts by Barbie LaBine

Benefits of Sequential Data Verification

Leading the effort to make the supply chain safer and more efficient, in 2013 the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) helped secure a national framework to trace prescription medications through the enactment of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). The law preempted a 50-state patchwork of pedigree requirements with one federal traceability solution for prescription medicines. Sequentially numbered barcode labels are perfect for many applications that require a unique sequential number in a barcode environment.


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Microscan Solutions for Implementing Verification for Medical Device UDI Guidelines

Now that UDI Implementation has arrived, Medical Device Manufacturers and Labelers are scrambling to understand and meet the Compliance Timelines and requirements. The requests are pouring in for a verification solution to ensure the integrity of the symbol marking will accurately convey the information on your device through its lifecycle.

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Welcome to the X-Dimension...Not all barcodes are created equal. Depending on the code, the surface material, and the marking me

Not all barcodes are created equal. Depending on the code, the surface material, and the marking method - whether printed, laser etched, or engraved - a code's quality can vary widely from mark to mark. When barcode quality becomes an issue and important product data is at risk of being lost due to decodability issues with bad barcodes, manufacturers may use machine vision-based barcode verification systems to evaluate the properties of marked codes to verify they are marked well enough to ensure long-term readability.  

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