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Complete Solutions for Electronics Manufacturing

Industry leaders within electronics depend on lean manufacturing and efficient use of resources to produce the highest quality products. Effective shop floor data collection is a competitive advantage. Microscan’s barcode and machine vision solutions provide reliable product inspection and traceability to support electronics manufacturing throughout the entire production process.

Read Any 1D/2D Symbol or Direct Part Mark (DPM)

Decode any linear barcode or 2D symbol, printed on labels or directly marked on parts, with 100% reliability even in challenging decoding conditions and variable symbol quality. Ultra-compact devices offer the best fit within OEM equipment, while X-Mode decode algorithms ensure data capture without fail.

Application Examples

  • Component Traceability
  • Time/Date Stamping
  • WIP Tracking
  • Recall Management
MicroHAWK Readers MicroHAWK Readers
QX Hawk QX Hawk
Mobile Hawk Mobile Hawk
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Verify Barcode Quality & Compliance

We offer a variety of offline and inline verification solutions that include camera, software and precision illumination specifically designed for the verification of 1D/2D codes to industry standards.

Application Examples

  • ISO/IEC Print Quality
  • DPM Mark Quality
  • Data Accuracy
  • Data Sequence
LVS-9510 LVS-9510
LVS-9580 LVS-9580
Verification Kits Verification Kits
barcode verification for electronics manufacturing

Inspect Parts & Assembly

Microscan machine vision solutions provide precision product inspection to ensure quality and accuracy. Our products include machine vision software, smart cameras, and complete inspection systems.

Application Examples

  • Label Presence & Position
  • Presence of Components
  • Dimensional Testing
  • Text (OCR & OCV)
  • Reject Identification
MicroHAWK Cameras MicroHAWK Cameras
Vision HAWK Vision HAWK
PanelScan PanelScan
machine vision for electronics manufacturing

Industries Served

  • Automotive Electronics
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor
  • Machine Builder
  • SMT Line Equipment Supplier
  • Test Equipment Supplier


Microscan offers a wide range of solutions to meet industry standards including:

  • SEMI
  • GS1

Electronics Manufacturing Resources

Readability of Directly Marked Traceability Symbols on PCBs

Readability of Directly Marked Traceability Symbols on PCBs

Recent product recalls have shown how important it is to have traceability data available to reduce recall costs. The most widely used  method  has  been  manual  application  of  labels. Keeping  up  with  modern  production  capabilities  can  be  a challenge and most companies are now transitioning to inkjet or laser marking. The  goal  is to apply  markings that  can be read throughout the overall process and by the end-customer, and can also be relied upon in the case of recalls and recycling programs.

Barcode Quality 101

Barcode Quality 101

Are you a beginner looking to learn more about barcode quality, or already have some experience under your belt, but are in need of a quick overview of barcode quality 101? We've put together an e-book for you where you can find the  basics needed to understand how to read, monitor and verify barcodes.

IPC APEX 2016 Las Vegas Interview

IPC APEX 2016 Las Vegas Interview

Microscan Global Business Development Manager for Electronics, Christoph Wimmer, introduces barcode reading and machine vision solutions on display at the IPC APEX 2016 tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada. Microscan's MicroHAWK® Barcode Readers are integrated into a demo of Microscan's PanelScan® PCB Traceability System to illustrate in-line PCB identification for worry-free traceability of components despite line changes resulting in new codes on PCBs, new code or mark locations, different PCB colors, and other changes.