Parent Company

Microscan Systems, Inc. is a member of Spectris plc, the specialist technology-based instrumentation and electronic controls company. Visit the the Spectris plc website for more information about each of the following companies:

Materials Analysis

Malvern Instruments
Analytical systems for materials characterization, from bulk powders to nanomaterials and macromolecules

X-ray analytical equipment for industrial and scientific applications

Particle Measuring Systems
Micro-contamination monitoring systems for ultraclean environments and manufacturing processes

Test & Measurement

Brüel & Kjaer Sound & Vibration
Transducers, sound level meters and analyzers for sound and vibration measurement

Load cells, transducers, strain gauges, signal conditioning and data acquisition systems, weighing electronics, test and measurement software and services, calibration laboratory and high-precision instruments

ESG Solutions
Microseismic technology and services for the oil and gas, mining and geotechnical industries

Provides vehicle test, validation and engineering services to customers in the automotive, transport, tire, petrochemical, defense and security industries

In-Line Instrumentation

Brüel & Kjær Vibro
Machine condition monitoring systems and maintenance services

BTG Pulp & Paper Technology
Sensors, instrumentation, coating and creping technology for the pulp and paper industry

NDC Infrared Engineering
Infrared, X-ray, isotopic and microwave sensors for on-line measurement and control of moisture and composition of foods, tobacco, pharmaceutical, building products and minerals; film thickness, coat weight and moisture in the converting, extrusion, paper, non-wovens and other web processing industries

Gas analyzers, gas analysis systems and transducers

Industrial Controls

Precision data acquisition and control solutions serving a wide range of automation and OEM markets

Red Lion Controls
Operator interfaces, signal conditioners, temperature controllers, counters, rate indicators and panel meters

Omega Engineering
Over 100,000 state-of-the-art products for process measurement and control of temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, force, flow, level, pH and conductivity